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Read an Interview with story creator Corine Phipps.

Our Story

Windrush Generations grew out of a desire to create a platform that honours and celebrates the African and Caribbean diaspora in Manchester.


The name is inspired by the Windrush Pioneers who came to Britain during the largest post-war migration, it also acknowledges the nuance, diversity and resilience of the children and grandchildren of that pioneering generation.


The goal of Windrush Generations is to highlight the histories, voices and experiences of the African and Caribbean diaspora. We want to spotlight individuals and organisations who are working towards this too. 

We want to create a safe space for people to acknowledge and talk about issues, inspire each other to rise up and effect change.


We want to support the building of community through the sharing of common experience, but also celebrating what makes each of us unique. We want being the children or grandchildren of immigrants to be a point of pride.

We hope that you will join us in our efforts, be it by sharing you or your family’s story, contributing to our projects, becoming an ally, joining our team of volunteers, or helping spread the word.  

Our People



Community/Project Manager

Alongside, all of the amazing community-based activities that Mo has a hand in for her day job at Brunswick Parish Church in Ardwick Manchester. She has been both an enthusiastic contributor, interviewer, editor and facilitator for Windrush Generations.



Facilitator/Project Manager

Alys is honoured to be an ally on this project. She has a background in visual and creative storytelling and has both supported contributors as a facilitator and editor.

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