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Mummy What Is Black Lives Matter?
by Jade Calder

Jade Calder is a 32 year old author who lives in Old Trafford Manchester.


She recently released “Mummy...What is Black Lives Matter?” a children’s book (that is also great for adults!) about a conversation between a Mum and daughter about recent events.

You can find out more about Jade and her books here:

Facebook: Jade Calder Books


One of our favourite aspects about this whole project is that it’s a family endeavour: you document the experiences of your family to create your books. Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind the books, as well as the decision to self-publish?

All of the books I write are inspired by real-life experiences I have had with my daughters and nieces. I am careful to record the children's language as it is, so for example, my daughter asked me:


'What is Black Lives Matter?'


She didn't say 'what does it mean?'

I also take images from real life, I take the pictures myself and transform them into a cartoon, and that is how the book comes to life.

I think all authors or aspiring authors need to be careful with going to publishing agencies because they do promise you a lot in terms of marketing, but they want to take a big percentage, and sometimes your rights away.

Self publishing is a longer route, but why should you give your rights to your work away?

Research any contracts you are offered carefully and consider whether self-publishing is a better options.

What kind of feedback have you received?

The feedback I have received has been very positive. People have told me that they have been inspired by the books. One of the children I met told me that they want to go to World Book Day as the character from Mummy What Is Black Lives Matter? That made me laugh.

People have told me that they appreciate the way that the book is written, that their children find it easy to engage with.

I have been asked to host zoom workshops and do readings at schools, Manchester central library has bought the book.

What are you planning to write next?

With the growing awareness of Windrush I want to do a story, a children's book based on the idea of a little girl talking to her Grandmother. The Grandmother character will go into what happened, the journey, the struggle. I want the Grandmother to tell the story to the Granddaughter.

I want children to be able to understand what Windrush means.

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